Ping Pong is a sport that connects people regardless of the company they work for, job title, age, gender or cultural background. 

It’s is about having fun, not taking life too serious, making connections and embracing contradictions.

Our story began in the spring. During the advertising and marketing golden era, after a series of meetings which exhausted creative ideas and strategies, we were in desperate need of a much needed break.

Then, into the late hours of the night, a brave soul said, "We need a break! Let's hit the pong table!". From there, the legend of AdPong was born! 

Ping pong began building momentum as the office game of choice, hundreds of professionals at dozens of companies began building names for themselves. Company leaderboards were bragging grounds for employees, rivalries between teams and individuals became the norm. 

In the summer of 2015, AdPong hosted it's first event, a small tournament amongst close friends and colleagues, which has now grown into Canada's largest advertising ping pong tournament.

We unite the industry through ping pong.
We are AdPong.

AdPong Ping Pong Toronto

If you want soft serve, go to Dairy Queen!